Skeletons In The Closet

ddt 026 (2020)


1. Paranoia Day (aliens control me)
2. Lean On One Side (nothing now)
3. Good Machine (thanx god)
4. Time Zero (dirty)
5. Something's Wrong (no guitar)
6. Paranoia Day (extraterrestrial implant)
7. Ego Collapse (by Bathroom Project)
8. Something's Wrong (by Poison And Effect)
9. Good Machine (fuck god)
10. Input (damage)
11. Paranoia Day (witch cult)
12. Deadlock (ebm vs hc)

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baskytaru v "Deadlock (ebm vs hc)" nahrál Washut
kytaru v " Paranoia Day (aliens control me)" a "Paranoia Day (extraterrestrial implant)" nahrál Ondra.

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Eric Rxon 2014-2019

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